JKphArma Galenic Innovation is an independent pharmaceutical company located in the Bordeaux region and specializing in offering the development of existing drugs under new galenic forms, enabling their instant administration and straight systemic bioavailability, via the per-mucous sub-lingual route or the per-mucous gingivo-jugal route.

JKphArma Galenic Innovation conceives, develops and brings to the market innovative drugs withunique patented compositions and specific galenic forms.

The added value of these new galenic forms can be measured by the benefits offered to patients, such as the improved tolerance, improved acceptability and improved speed of action of existing lipophilic active principles :

Enhanced tolerance by avoiding the hepatic first-pass effect, which is unavoidable for oral administration forms, while reducing adverse effects.

Enhanced tolerance thanks to the lower quantity of active ingredient therapeutically required, with hitherto unknown efficacy for such low doses.

Enhanced acceptability as it is less “aggressive” than intravenous administration.

Enhanced efficacy in terms of the drug’s speed of action thanks to it being instantly passed into the central systemic circulation.

JKphArma Galenic Innovation, is also a team enjoying renowned expertise in drug development, a major advantage enabling JKphArma to become the market leader in the field of drug administration via the per-mucous sub-lingual route and per-mucous gingivo-jugal route.