Our values

Quality Policy


The objectives of the JKphArma Quality Policy are to :

Develop drugs in accordance with applicable rules of ethics, notably in terms of respecting patient rights.
Develop drugs with utmost scientific rigour in order to guarantee the reliability of our development results.
Bring to the market drugs that offer genuine added value for patients in terms of efficacy, tolerance and acceptability.
Ensure compliance with applicable regulations in the field of clinical development and throughout the drug’s life cycle.
Protect the scientific and technological capital of drugs that may be subject to co-development or licensing.

To implement and ensure the continuous improvement to our quality system, JKphArma has selected the ISO 9001 standard for its Quality Management System (process-based approach) and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (risk-based approach).

Code of Ethics


We never compromise our integrity. To maintain it and ensure our longevity, we :

Are always honest and comply with legislations and fundamental human rights ;
Never act in a way that could lead us to depend on other parties, potentially undermining our integrity and impartiality ;
Never distribute information provided to us under the seal of confidentiality ;
Never offer or accept gifts or any other benefits that could be perceived as influencing our impartiality or commercial conduct ;
Never use any confidential information for personal gain ;
Only use sub-contractors that share our ethical values

During the employee integration process, all staff receive the information they require and will always have the resources they need to act responsibly and in compliance with the JKphArma Galenic Innovation Code of Ethics and anti-corruption legislation.

Our Code of ethics commits us to complying with the following fundamental principles :

〉 Integrity :
Employee integrity is the foundation of the confidence and credibility we ascribe to their judgement.

To this end, they must perform their functions with honesty, diligence and responsibility. They must comply with the law and must not knowingly take part in any fraudulent activity or commit any act likely to dishonour the profession or JKphArma Galenic Innovation.

〉 Objectivity :
All employees must perform their functions without allowing their judgement to be influenced by their own interests or those of any third party. Anything likely to affect their judgement must be reported to their manager or a senior manager of JKphArma Galenic Innovation.

〉 Confidentiality :
All JKphArma Galenic Innovation employees respect the value and ownership of the information they receive from each sponsor, site and other stakeholders. Such information is only disclosed with due authorisation.

〉 Expertise :
JKphArma Galenic Innovation employees are recruited according to defined expertise criteria and apply their knowledge and experience during the performance of their functions. Training is a priority activity in order to develop and adapt levels of internal competence.

Respect for the individual


JKphArma Galenic Innovation is committed to maintaining a stimulating, creative and non-discriminatory working environment for all its employees against a background of diversity and personal dignity.

JKphArma Galenic Innovation prohibits any form of discrimination on the basis of gender, age, origin, religion, sexual orientation, physical appearance, state of health or disability, or any form of behaviour able to undermine individual dignity.

Code of Conduct, Anti-Corruption Commitment


Corrupt practices represent a serious risk to the commercial sustainability and independence of the company. Corruption is totally incompatible with the values of JKphArma Galenic Innovation, and the participation of any employee in a corrupt or fraudulent act is unacceptable and formally prohibited.

JKphArma Galenic Innovation has developed anti-corruption instructions based on the recommendations and guidelines issued by Transparency International.

JKphArma Galenic Innovation is committed to the fight against corruption in all of its forms. It expects of its employees that they neither accept nor offer during the exercise of their functions any cash payment, gift, service or any kind of benefit.

Prevention of Conflicts of Interest between JKphArma Galenic Innovation and its employees


Employees may be faced with situations where their personal interests may conflict with those of JKphArma Galenic Innovation. Anything that may appear as a conflict of interest can create problems and undermine the reputation of JKphArma Galenic Innovation.

In order to prevent situations of conflict of interest, employees must be vigilant to avoid situations where their objectivity and professional decisions may be adversely affected.

Information Security Policy and Commitment


The Quality Policy of JKphArma Galenic Innovation has always incorporated an approach based on information security in order to protect the confidentiality of the personal health-related data of the patients participating in the clinical trials conducted during the course of our developments, but also to ensure the reliability of the data processed by ensuring its confidentiality, availability and integrity.

The Quality Policy of JKphArma Galenic Innovation also includes an approach based on the security of strategic information in the areas of co-development and licensing in order to protect the confidentiality of its partners’ sensitive data.

This policy is designed to ensure :

〉 Confidentiality of the information : the restricted nature of information with access limited only to those persons on a need-to-know basis for the performance of their functions ;
〉 Availability of the information : ability of the system to fulfil a given function under defined conditions in terms of time, deadline and performance ;
〉 Integrity of the information system guaranteeing that data is only modified as the result of a deliberate and legitimate action. When information is exchanged, integrity extends to message authentication, namely a guarantee of origin and destination.

The Information Security Management System Policy is also designed to protect all information exchanged with our clients, employees, sub-contractors, service providers and other stakeholders in terms of :

Personal information (contractual, private, etc.),
Administrative and financial information,
Internal or external professional and/or technical information (know-how, research, procedures),
Commercial information,
Scientific information.